Mag Drive Pumps for Odor Control Applications

When the goal is clean air and safe environmental conditions, reliable operations are critical. Mag drive pumps deliver the leak-free, long-lasting performance necessary for odor control applications. Finish Thompson’s durable mag drive pumps can handle the variety of harsh chemicals involved in these processes, to provide safe, dependable operations for fume scrubbers and other odor control applications.

A good example is municipal waste water treatment plants (sewage treatment). Hydrogen sulfide occurs naturally through the anaerobic decay of organic matter. Hydrogen sulfide is corrosive, toxic, and smells like rotten eggs. It has a very low odor threshold so it is easily detected in very low concentrations. Homes and businesses surrounding a sewage treatment plant expect the hydrogen sulfide to be removed. Typical chemicals used in the liquid solution to oxidize hydrogen sulfide include sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and sodium hydroxide (caustic).

Typical Applications

  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Paper mills
  • Air pollution control
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical

Which Series are Applicable?

Pump Details

DB Series, SP Series

Magnetically coupled, sealless centrifugal pumps. Finish Thompson DB Series and SP Series pumps are are designed from the ground up to pump corrosive chemicals in electroplating and anodizing facilities.

  • No mechanical seal – Powerful rare earth magnetic drive system eliminates the troublesome mechanical seal.
  • Corrosion resistant – Engineered for the most aggressive liquids, manufactured from polypropylene or PVDF.
  • Run dry ability – Makes them less prone to operator error or system upset.
  • Self-priming optionSP Series pumps can lift fluid from as deep as 25 feet (7.6 meters) below the pump or can pull liquid out of the top of a tank eliminating through-the-sidewall bulkhead fittings.
EFP series aquatic pump

UC Series

Engineered for extreme reliability in the most extreme chemical processing applications, Finish Thompson’s ULTRAChem® pumps are magnetically driven, ANSI dimensional pumps. They are constructed from tough ductile iron with ETFE lining for superior corrosion resistance.


  • Sealless design – Powerful neodymium magnets drive the impeller through a carbon-filled ETFE lined barrier for dependable, leak-free operation.
  • Fully supported shaft and self-aligning dual bushings – designed for optimum alignment to prevent premature wear.
  • Complete encapsulation of inner drive magnets in ETFE – for ultimate corrosion protection.

A Case in Point

pulp and paper case study
Download this case study

Finish Thompson Mag Drive Pumps Deliver Reliable Solution for Global Fume Scrubber Manufacturer

When you’re shipping products around the world, there’s no room for failure. That’s why Tri-Mer Corporation has chosen Finish Thompson mag drive pumps as their go-to standard for their wet scrubber designs.

“We design and build wet scrubber systems for a broad range of applications and industries,” explains Asa Halliday, Sales Manager at Tri-Mer Corporation. “We need pumps that can handle a variety of chemical compatibilities, and a supplier that supports and stands behind their products. Finish Thompson fits the bill perfectly.”

As a global leader in air pollution control systems, Tri-Mer Corporation’s offerings include several wet scrubber product lines, including venturi, packed bed towers, and multi-stage systems. These products are designed with one or more centrifugal chemical pumps as key components.

Finish Thompson’s DB and UC Series mag drive pumps are ideal for these applications, with their leak-free magnetic drives and durable performance. They provide the reliable, proven performance Tri-Mer depends on for customer satisfaction.

“The quality is excellent, and the support is excellent,” notes Halliday. “Finish Thompson makes an extremely reliable pump. We don’t have issues with them. And the staff goes ‘above and beyond’ to provide everything we need.”

“For us, this service is a critical component,” he continues. “If a company isn’t able to stand behind their product and service it anywhere in the world, we can’t take the risk to work with them. With Finish Thompson, we’re confident in both their products and their service that backs them.”

A Pump for Every Application

“We deal with a lot of different chemistries,” notes Halliday, “and Finish Thompson has a variety of thermoplastic and alloy materials available. They have the whole gamut covered for us. And if we have a challenge with a unique application, they can help with that too.”

The Finish Thompson DB and UC series mag drive pumps include more than 30 pump designs – and that’s just two of Finish Thompson’s product lines. “We’re dedicated to finding gaps in the market and then filling them,” notes Joel Klippel, Vice President of U.S. Sales for Finish Thompson. “We offer a complete line of pumps, so we can deliver the unique solutions our customers need.”

Download this case study

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