Industrial Chemical Pumps for Steel Processing Applications

Not every pump can handle the harsh chemicals required for steel industry processes. To deliver the heavy-duty solutions that manufacturers need, Finish Thompson offers a comprehensive line of industrial chemical pumps. From mild to corrosive chemicals, these industrial chemical pumps are designed to withstand the toughest environments. They are ideal for the diverse applications found in the steel processing industry.

Typical Applications

  • Steel pickling
  • Wire processing and cleaning
  • Galvanizing
  • Waste acid
  • Wastewater

Pump Details

UC Series

Engineered for extreme reliability in the most extreme chemical processing applications, Finish Thompson’s ULTRAChem® pumps are magnetically driven, ANSI dimensional pumps. They are constructed from tough ductile iron with ETFE lining for superior corrosion resistance.


  • Sealless design – Powerful neodymium magnets drive the impeller through a carbon-filled ETFE lined barrier for dependable, leak-free operation
  • Fully supported shaft and self-aligning dual bushings – designed for optimum alignment to prevent premature wear
  • Complete encapsulation of inner drive magnets in ETFE – for ultimate corrosion protection.
  • Low running loads and component stress – for maximum reliability

DB Series, SP Series

Magnetically coupled, sealless centrifugal pumps. Finish Thompson DB Series and SP Series pumps are designed from the ground up to pump corrosive chemicals.


  • No mechanical seal – Powerful rare earth magnetic drive system eliminates the troublesome mechanical seal.
  • Corrosion resistant – Engineered for the most aggressive liquids, manufactured from polypropylene or PVDF.
  • Run dry ability – Makes them less prone to operator error or system upset.
  • Self-priming option SP Series pumps can lift fluid from as deep as 25 feet (7.6 meters) below the pump or can pull liquid out of the top of a tank eliminating through-the-sidewall bulkhead fittings.
FTI UC series pump

FTI Air – Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Powered by compressed air, FTI Air pumps can run dry, handle solids and abrasives, pump viscous and shear-sensitive fluids and are easy to install and operate. They offer excellent chemical resistance with corrosive/hazardous chemicals and can be used for numerous applications including loading and unloading tankers, totes and barrels; for batching/dosing chemicals or as portable utility pumps.


  • Simple, durable design – Fewer parts improves reliability and maintenance.
  • Non-stalling air valve – Simple, rugged, reliable design.
  • Variable flow and pressure – Easy adjustment makes it easy to meet application requirements.
  • Ease of operation & maintenance – Fewer parts make FTI Air pumps easy to install, operate and maintain.

A Case in Point

charter steel case study
Download this case study

FTI Air Pumps Deliver Durability for Industrial Wastewater Applications

When you’re pumping highly acidic industrial wastewater, you need an industrial-strength corrosive chemical transfer pump. Charter Steel found what they needed at Finish Thompson.

Charter Steel produces and distributes carbon and alloy steel bar, rod and wire products to customers around the world. At their Fostoria, OH facility, the manufacturing process includes two hydrochloric acid cleaning lines. “The pH of the water coming off these lines is 2.5,” explains Tony Kracher, manager at Charter Steel. “We were using pumps that didn’t provide good longevity for this process. We were only getting six or seven months of operation out of each pump. We started researching for a better solution for a corrosive chemical transfer pump and discovered Finish Thompson.”

Impressive Results

“We provided an FTI AIR pump for Charter to evaluate in this application,” reports David Dalrymple, Finish Thompson Regional Manager. “We wanted them to be able to compare it to the functionality and life expectancy of the competitor’s corrosive chemical transfer pump. Our FTI AIR Model FT20 far outperformed the previous pumps, more than tripling the lifespan. With these impressive results, Charter Steel was very happy with the product and have since purchased half a dozen more Finish Thompson industrial chemical pumps as they transition to our brand.”

Kracher adds, “After the pumps ran for a year without issues, we decided to start buying Finish Thompson pumps. The original two we purchased two years ago are still in service today. The series offers a durability we haven’t seen with other pumps. We’re now at about 85% Finish Thompson pumps in our facility. Considering the cost of the pump and longevity, we are enjoying a savings of two to one.”

And if the industrial chemical pumps ever need maintenance or repair? Dalrymple notes, “The simple design of the Finish Thompson pump requires only about 25% of the time to repair compared to the competitor’s pump.”

Service Excellence

“We have a built a really good relationship with Finish Thompson,” Kracher says. “We are a 24/7 operation, and they are always available if we have questions or concerns. It has worked out very well for us.”

Pump reliability isn’t the only quality that has drawn the distributor to Finish Thompson. Their service is also industry leading. The distributor adds, “I can’t stress enough the support Finish Thompson provides. They offer both hands-on and technical assistance, and their support crew is excellent. They are one of our best partners.”

Kracher concludes, “We couldn’t have anticipated the great results we’ve had. We talk to other divisions and share best practices, and the success we’ve had with the Finish Thompson industrial chemical pumps is a great story to tell.”

Download this case study

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