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Discover How Finish Thompson Pumps Support Expansion Efforts

Durability and reliability. These two qualities are essential for the transfer of corrosive chemicals. A large manufacturer in the Southeast discovered the pumps they were using did not possess these two qualities. Their pumps were failing prematurely. After trying several different pumps, the company looked to Finish Thompson’s UltraChem® Series pumps.

They replaced one of their existing pumps with a UC326 mag-drive pump. “Working with their local distributor, we sized the pump for the application and delivered the pump within days,” reports Will Weathers, Finish Thompson Southeast Regional Manager. “Not only did they need reliability and durability, but they were also looking for a pump that could meet multiple flow-range needs. Our UC series was a great fit.”

Because the UC series is also ANSI dimensional, the manufacturer was able to install the pump in the application without making any piping changes. “This durable mag-drive pump has continued to run smoothly, solving a long-term problem for the customer,” notes Weathers.

As satisfaction increased, so did demand

“Given the reliability and the long run-time on the new UC326 pump in this application, the customer felt very confident in the Finish Thompson UltraChem® Series,” reports Weathers. “So, when the opportunity arose for a process expansion in the plant, they again turned to Finish Thompson.”

For this project, the manufacturer needed approximately 25 pumps, ranging in size and flow/head requirements. Finish Thompson was able to supply pump sizes ranging from the UC1516 (1.5”x1”x6”) to UC438 (4”x3”x8”) and even UC2110 (2”x1”x10”). “Since the ANSI dimensional, UltraChem® Series features ETFE internals and a mag-drive design, it is also perfect for the diverse range of chemicals this manufacturer handles,” adds Weathers.

The bottom line: The manufacturer was able to equip their entire expansion with Finish Thompson’s comprehensive line of UltraChem® pumps. Their applications now feature pumps that deliver the durability, reliability, and diversity they need for successful operations.

ULTRAChem® Series Pump

  • Leak-free operation
  • Ductile iron construction
  • ETFE-lined housing and wetted components
  • ANSI dimensional
  • Powerful neodymium magnets
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

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